Have a Check Engine Light? – The BlueDriver OBD-II Scanner Can Help

Check Engine LightWhat are your thoughts when the Check Engine light comes on in your car? The Check Engine light, or sometimes called the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL), is an indicator that informs you something has gone wrong with one of the many emissions systems on your car. Thoughts of an unknown and expensive repair may fill your mind. An OBD-II scan tool like the BlueDriver from Lemur Vehicle Monitors can give you some peace of mind and provide the information you need to determine what’s wrong with your car.

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Monitor Battery Usage for Apps in iOS 8

Battery TipsBattery life has always been a concern for smartphone users. While the iPhone provides a decent battery life, users typically try to optimize their setting to get the most out of each charge.

With iOS 8, Apple has added a setting to monitor battery usage for each app. This is helpful to see which apps you use the most and help isolate any apps that might be using an excessive amount of battery power.

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Dropped Your Phone in Water? Try This.

Phone in WaterWe have all heard some funny stories of people accidentally dropping their phones in various bodies of water. Whether it is a pool, a lake, a bathtub, a bird bath, or the dreaded toilet, someone somewhere has dropped a phone into it.

If you’re the one that has dropped your phone in water, the story quickly becomes much less funny. It can be an expensive mistake if that quick dip ruins your phone. Here are a few tips that may help dry out the phone and hopefully give your story a happy ending.

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Why Are My iPhone Calls Ringing on Other Devices?

FaceTimeIf you recently upgraded your devices to iOS 8, you may be experiencing something unexpected. When you have multiple devices running iOS 8 and using the same Apple ID, an incoming cellular phone call can ring on all your devices at the same time.

Part of the new Continuity feature in iOS 8 is the ability to make and receive cellular phone calls on an iPad, iPod touch, or Mac computer when your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


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How to Receive SMS Text Messages on an iPad

Message IconOne of the features in Apple’s new Continuity concept is the ability to send and receive SMS text messages on an iPad. Additionally, those with a Mac computer using OS X Yosemite can now send SMS text messages directly from the computer.

Prior to the release of iOS 8.1, the Messages app on the iPad could only send and receive iMessages. Now, when both an iPhone and an iPad are using iOS 8.1, text message forwarding allows SMS texts to be sent and received on the iPad.


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