How to Send a Text Message From Email

Email to TextMany cellular providers today provide unlimited text messaging as part of their service plans. However, there are still times when someone may be limited in their texting options or simply may be away from their cell phone and need to send a text message.

Most major cellular providers offer the capability to send a text message from an email address to a cell phone. This capability, known as an SMS gateway, has been around for a long time, but many people still don’t know it exists.

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Can I Monitor Text Messages on My Child’s iPhone?

textingMany parents are concerned about the texting habits of their children and with whom they communicate. I receive many questions from parents wanting to monitor text messages on their child’s iPhone. Unfortunately, there is no quick, easy, and free solution that will allow you to monitor all the various ways your child can communicate with others.

There are ways to keep track of your child’s iPhone activities. However, it can be a little challenging because of all the different ways your child can communicate with others.


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Why Am I Not Receiving iMessages?

iOS 7 Messages IconApple’s iMessage service provides the capability to send and receive messages between Apple devices. This is helpful for sending messages from an iPad, iPod touch, or a Mac computer that does not support regular SMS text messaging like the iPhone.


The iMessage service is typically very reliable. However, on rare occasions, you may find that iMessages seemed to have stopped working and are not being delivered to your device. If you have an iPhone, you will still receive SMS text messages from non-iPhone users, but you won’t receive iMessages from iPhone users. If you have multiple devices, you may notice iMessages are delivered to one device, but not another.

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Night Mode Makes Low-Light Reading on the iPad Easier on Your Eyes

Night Mode IconMany electronic reader apps such as iBooks, Kindle, and Instapaper offer a night-time reading mode that allows easier reading in low-light conditions. The night mode simply reverses the default white background and black text to a black background with white text. This creates less strain on your eyes when reading in a dark or dimly lit environment.


Night mode can be a handy feature, but not all apps have this functionality. Luckily, the iPad and iPhone have a capability similar to night mode that can be applied to any app.

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How to Reduce the Size of Your iCloud Backup

iCloud LogoApple provides every iCloud user 5GB of free storage space, which can be used to backup an iPhone or iPad. As you accumulate data on your device, it is possible the total size of the iCloud backup can exceed the 5GB storage limit. The chances of reaching the 5GB storage limit increase if you are backing up multiple iOS devices to iCloud.


When the storage limit is reached, you will receive a notification on your device indicating the iCloud storage is full. At this point, no additional backups to iCloud can be performed.

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