Recover Deleted Voicemails on the iPhone

Voicemail LogoVisual Voicemail is one of the great features of the iPhone. Gone are the days of dialing a voice-mailbox, entering an access code, and painfully listening to your messages one by one. Visual Voicemail displays your messages in a list similar to emails or text messages. You can select which voicemail you want to hear, in whatever order you choose. There is even a control that allows you to skip forward or backward during message playback. This is helpful when you want to play a certain part of a message again, without replaying the entire voicemail.

When managing the list of voicemails, you have the option to delete messages when they are no longer needed. A message can be deleted by selecting it and tapping the Delete button. Alternatively, you can swipe across the message in the list and a Delete button will appear to the right of the message.

Delete Message


Recover a Deleted Voicemail

Sooner or later, you may accidentally delete a voicemail or need some information from a message that was previously deleted. Luckily, you may be able to salvage the deleted voicemail by scrolling to the bottom of the list and selecting Deleted Messages.

Deleted Messages


You will see a list of recently deleted messages. To recover a voicemail, simply tap the message to highlight it then tap the Undelete button.

Undelete Message


The length of time a deleted voicemail remains available will vary based on your cell phone provider.


Permanently Delete Voicemails

Deleting voicemails from the Deleted Messages list will permanently delete the message so it can not be recovered.

To permanently delete an individual voicemail, swipe across the message for a Delete button to appear. You can permanently delete all messages in the list by tapping the Clear All button.


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