Save PDF Files on the iPhone or iPad

iBooksWhile surfing the web, you may occasionally find PDF files that catches your interest. These can be things such as user manuals, restaurant menus, or instructional forms. It may be helpful to save these PDFs for later reading. Rather than bookmarking the website, you can simply save the PDFs in iBooks.

While in Safari, open the PDF file. In the example below, there is a link to the iPhone User Guide on the Apple website. Tapping on the link will open the PDF file.

PDF Link


When the PDF file opens, select the button labeled “Open in iBooks” in the top right of the document. If the button isn’t visible, tap the screen for it to appear.

iBooks Button


The PDF file will open in iBooks and will be automatically be saved. The PDF file is saved to the iBooks bookshelf. To view the bookshelf, select the “Library” button in the top left of the screen.

Library Button


All your saved documents will appear on the bookshelf. You can rearrange or delete items on the bookshelf.

iBooks Bookshelf


You can also save PDF files you receive as email attachments. While viewing the email in the Mail app, simply tap and hold on the PDF file and a window will appear with the option to “Open in iBooks”. When the PDF file opens in iBooks, it is automatically saved to the bookshelf.

Open in iBooks


Saving PDF files in iBooks allows you to read the documents even if you are not connected to the Internet. If you have iOS 6 with iCloud enabled, you can set iBooks to Sync Collections and access those files on all your Apple devices.


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