How to Undo Typing on the iPhone

When typing on your iPhone, there are often times you want to undo something you just typed or changed. There is a three-finger swipe or tap gesture that can be used to undo or redo text editing instead of the Shake to Undo feature.

To demonstrate this feature, we will use the following sample text. The Undo feature described below will remove the last bit of text entered in the sample text.

Undo Feature

Undo Typing

When you want to undo your last edit, simply swipe left or double tap with three fingers. The most recent edit will be removed and a small popup that says Undo will appear near the top of the screen to indicate the Undo action has been performed. In the example below, swiping left with three finger will undo typing.

Undo Swipe Left

Redo Typing

Swiping right with three fingers will restore the last edit and a Redo popup will appear on screen.

Redo Swipe Right