How to Use the iPhone “Reply With Message” Function

Reply With MessageWe’ve all had it happen, we’re busy doing something and the phone rings at the most inopportune time.  While many people simply let the call go to voicemail, iPhone users have another alternative that may actually be useful to the person trying to reach you.



Reply With Message

The Reply With Message function allows the iPhone user to respond to the caller with a pre-written text message.  The action takes little time and it provides the caller with some indication that you know they called and you will call them back as soon as you can.

When your iPhone rings, you typically see a screen similar to the one below.  To use the Reply With Message function, simply tap the Message icon.

Incoming Call


You will see a list of three pre-written text message responses and a Custom… button that allows you to create your own text response.  By selecting one of these options, a text message is immediately sent to the caller.

Respond With Messages


While you are selecting the text message, the call is automatically sent to voicemail.



Personalize the Pre-written Messages

If you want to get creative, you can replace the pre-written message defaults set by Apple.  Open the Settings app and select Phone.

Phone Settings


Select Respond With Text.

Respond With Text


Replace any of the items in the list with your own message.  Your messages will now be available the next time you use the Reply With Message function.

Add Custom Message



Set a Callback Reminder

Instead of sending a text message, you have the option to set a reminder to call the person back by selecting Remind Me.

Remind Me


A screen will appear for you to create a reminder.  The reminder will automatically be created in the Reminders app on your iPhone.

Create Reminder