Manage Folders on the iPhone or iPad

FolderWith so many apps available for the iPhone and iPad, your device can easily be loaded with a wide variety of apps. When you have a large number of apps spread across many screens, it can be difficult to find a specific app. To help keep things organized, try using folders to create groups of apps.

A folder is a place to group similar apps, which helps reduce clutter on the screen. As an example, if you have several different games, create a folder to store all the game apps. The folder will appear as one item on the screen instead of seeing all the individual app icons.

Folder Image

Create a Folder

You need at least two apps to create a folder. Touch and hold your finger on one app until all the apps on the screen begin to wiggle. Drag one app on top of another app. A folder will automatically be created containing the two apps.

Create Folder


A name for the folder is automatically created based on the type of apps in the folder. The name of the folder can be changed by tapping the default name. The keyboard will appear and you can enter a more descriptive name.

Rename Folder


You can add additional apps to the folder by tapping the screen outside the folder area (which closes the folder) and individually dragging each additional app into the folder.

Add to Folder


While the apps are wiggling, you can drag the apps to rearrange them on screen. An app can be moved to another screen by dragging it to the edge of the screen. The screen will automatically flip to the next screen in sequence.

When you are finished adding apps to the folder, press the Home button to exit the mode. All the apps will stop wiggling and the device can be used normally.

Open the Folder

After a folder has been created, you can access the apps in the folder by simply tapping the folder. The folder will open and display all the apps it contains.

Open Folder


Add Apps to an Existing Folder

To add apps to an existing folder, touch and hold any app or folder until the icons start wiggling. Drag an app into the desired folder. You can not drag multiple apps at once. Each app must be moved individually. Press the Home button when you are finished moving apps.

Rename an Existing Folder

The name of an existing folder can be changed by opening the folder and holding any app until the icons start wiggling. The name editing field will appear. Tap the name field for the keyboard to appear and change the name as you see fit.

Remove an App From a Folder

To remove an app from an existing folder, open the folder then tap and hold the app until the icons start wiggling. Drag the app outside the folder, while continuing to hold the app. The folder will automatically close and you can place the app anywhere you want.

Delete a Folder

To delete a folder, simply remove all apps from the folder. Once all apps are removed, the folder will be automatically deleted.


These are the basic ways to manage folders. While this is convenient for moving a few apps, it can become cumbersome if you want to make significant changes. If you ever have the need to move a large number of apps, it may be easier to connect the iPhone or iPad to your computer and use iTunes to rearrange the apps.

Hopefully this brief summary will help you better manage apps and folders.