Night Mode Makes Low-Light Reading on the iPad Easier on Your Eyes

Night Mode IconMany electronic reader apps such as iBooks, Kindle, and Instapaper offer a night-time reading mode that allows easier reading in low-light conditions. The night mode simply reverses the default white background and black text to a black background with white text. This creates less strain on your eyes when reading in a dark or dimly lit environment.

Night mode can be a handy feature, but not all apps have this functionality. Luckily, the iPad and iPhone have a similar capability that can be applied to any app.


Setup Night Mode

Before using night mode, you must first enable the function so it can be activated with the Home button. Open the Settings app, select General, then select Accessibility.



Under the Accessibility menu, scroll down and select Accessibility Shortcut.

Accessibility Shortcut


In the menu that appears, select Invert Colors from the list.

Invert Colors



Switching to Night Mode

Now that the function has been enabled, you can invert colors at any time by triple-clicking the Home button. The display will switch from the light background with dark text to the dark background with light text.

Night Mode Off

Night Mode On


To exit the Invert Colors mode and return to normal viewing, simply triple-click the Home button again.


The inverted color scheme does not work well for viewing photos or other images. Inverting the colors makes the images look like photographic negatives.