How to Silence Calls from Unknown Callers

We all receive an ever increasing number of calls from telemarketers and scammers. Luckily there is an easy way to ignore calls from unknown numbers. The Silence Unknown Callers feature on the iPhone will check the number of an incoming call to see if you have that person in your Contacts, have texted them, or if someone shared that number with you in an email. If you have previously corresponded with that number, the incoming call will ring on your iPhone. Alternatively, if that number isn’t found on your iPhone, the call will be silenced and sent directly to voicemail.

Silence Unknown Callers

Before you turn on Silence Unknown Callers, make sure you have important numbers saved in your Contacts.

Turn on the Silence Unknown Callers feature by going to Settings -> Phone then scroll down and select Silence Unknown Callers.

Silence Unknown Caller

Tap the slider to enable the feature.

Silence Slider

When the feature is activated, incoming calls will come through from people that are saved in your contacts list, recent calls list, and from Siri Suggestions based on phone numbers included in your emails or text messages.

Silenced calls will be directed to voicemail, so you won’t miss a message from someone that isn’t in your Contacts list. The silenced call will not ring on your iPhone but will appear in the Recent Calls list.

If an emergency call is placed, Silence Unknown Callers will be temporarily disabled for the next 24 hours to allow all callers to reach your iPhone.