How to Forward Calls from the iPhone

There are times when you may want to forward calls from your iPhone to another phone. This could be forwarding your calls to a spouse’s phone or sending work calls to your personal phone. Call forwarding on the iPhone automatically directs all incoming calls to a different phone number.

Setting up Call Forwarding

It’s important to note some cellular providers do not have the call forwarding feature enabled. If you don’t see the options described below, you may need to contact your cellular provider.

To setup call forwarding, open the Settings app then scroll down and tap Phone.

Tap Call Forwarding.

Call Forwarding

Turn on the slider for the Call Forwarding feature.

Enable Call Forwarding

Tap Forward To and enter the number where you want your calls sent. Tap the Back button in the top left corner after you have entered the number.

Forwarding Number

You should now see the phone number you entered shown next to Forward To. It may take a few seconds for the number to appear.

Forwarding Setup

The call forwarding feature is now setup on the iPhone.