Understand Multitasking on the iPhone

In a Hurry, Try Multitasking

As busy as we are, we can all use some shortcuts to get things done a little faster.  We try multitasking in everyday life, so it makes sense we should be able to multitask on the iPhone.

You get to the multitasking screen by quickly pushing the Home button twice.  You can do this from the main iPhone screen or while you have an app open.  A bar will appear at the bottom of the screen showing the most recently used apps.

Multitask Bar


Touching any of these icon will jump directly to that app without returning to the main iPhone screen.  This is helpful when you need to gather information from one app and enter it into another app, such as checking your Calendar app while typing an email.

When the multitasking bar is visible, the most recently used app appears on the left with less recent apps to the right.  You can swipe on the multitasking bar from right to left to see older apps.  Swiping from left to right exposes buttons to control music playback.  The button on the far left locks the screen orientation of the iPhone.

Music Controls


An additional swipe from left to right exposes controls for volume and AirPlay.

Sound Control


Multitasking on the iPad functions similarly.  The only difference is it only requires on swipe from left to right to expose all the music, sound, and AirPlay controls.  There is also and additional slider to adjust the brightness.

iPad Multitasking Bar


Additionally, the iPad allows you to manage the multitasking features with gestures.  You need to go to the Settings -> General and slide the Multitasking Gestures switch to On.

Multitask Gestures


To use gestures, simply swipe up on the screen using four or five fingers to expose the multitasking bar.  Swiping down with four or five fingers hides the multitasking bar.

While in an app, you can avoid the multitasking bar all together by simply swiping left or right with four or five fingers to switch between apps.

Lastly, you can pinch closed with four or five fingers to return to the Home screen.