Save Photos From Email or the Web to the Camera Roll

Photos App IconHave you ever received a photo in an email and wanted to save it to your iPhone or iPad? Family and friends may regularly send pictures to you. Perhaps you were browsing the Internet and found an interesting photo you wanted to keep. There is an easy way to save photos from emails or the Internet to your device.


Save Photos From Emails

If you want to save a photo from an email, simply open the email and the image will likely be visible in the body of the email. Tap and hold your finger on the image until the sharing menu appears.

Sharing Menu


This screen provides several options for you to share the photo with others. It also has an option to save the photo. Tap the Save Image button in the bottom row and the photo will automatically be saved to the Camera Roll on your device.


To access the photo, open the Photos app on your device and and select the Camera Roll. The photo you saved should be the last photo in the Camera Roll.


Save Photos From the Internet

While browsing the Internet, occasionally you may find a photo that you would like to save or perhaps share with someone else. You can use a similar process to save a photo from the Internet to your Camera Roll.


While viewing the photo in Safari, tap and hold your finger on the photo until a menu screen appears. Select Save Image to automatically save the photo to your Camera Roll.

Save Photos


You also have the option to Copy the photo, where you can then paste it into an email or text message to share it with someone else.


Some websites do not allow images to be saved in this manner. If you find a website where this process does not work, you can always take a screen shot of the photo. On your device, zoom in on the photo to make it as large as you want. Then, simultaneously press and release the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button. You will hear a camera shutter sound and a screen shot of the photo will be saved in the Camera Roll on your device.


Photos in Your Camera Roll

Any photo in your Camera Roll can easily be shared with others by opening the photo and tapping the sharing button.

Sharing Button


The sharing menu will appear and you can choose to send the photo in a text message, email, or share it on a social media site.