How to Customize Notification Settings on Your iPhone


Many iPhone apps are capable of providing notifications or alerts to inform you of important events.  Alerts can inform you of missed phone calls, new email or text messages, upcoming calendar events, or a host of other items depending on your apps.

When an alert is provided by an app, it can appear as a banner at the top of the screen,  a notice in the center of the screen, or as a badge on the app icon.  You can select the type of alert provided by each app to suit your personal preference.  We’ll discuss this in more detail later.

Notification Center

The Notification Center keeps all your alerts and notifications in one place so you can view them at your convenience.  The local weather and a personal stock ticker can also be displayed.  You can even tweet or post from your Twitter or Facebook account if you are signed in to your account.

To view the Notification Center, swipe down from the top of the screen.  Scroll through the list to see additional notifications.  Notifications inform you of new information, even when the associated app is not running.  To delete the notifications from a particular app, select the X on the right side of the title bar, then select Clear.

Notification Center

Managing Alerts

To manage alerts for your apps, open the Settings app and select Notifications.  You will then see the Notifications screen where you can customize the settings.
Notifications Settings


Do Not Disturb

Your first option is to turn off all alerts by selecting Do Not Disturb.  When Do Not Disturb is enabled, all alerts and phone calls are silenced, but alarms will still function.  You can select the time you want the alerts disabled and if you want to accept calls from certain people during that time.

Do Not Disturb

Sort Apps

The Sort Apps option allows you to choose how you want notifications displayed in the Notification Center.  Selecting By Time will display the notifications in the order in which they arrive.  Selecting Manually allows you to choose the order based on the app.  Apps that are more important to you can be placed near the top.  To manually change the order, select Edit at the top right of the window.

Edit Notification Order


A group of three short lines, also called a handle, will appear to the right of each app.  Touch this handle and drag the app to the position you want.  Position the apps in the order you wish the notification to appear in the Notification Center then select Done in the upper right corner of the window.

Manual Sort


Customize Alert Style

You can change the alert settings for any app by selecting it in the In Notification Center section.  You will then see various settings for customizing the alerts.

Alert Settings


To turn off all notifications for the app, tap the Notification Center slider to OFF.  Apps that have notifications turned off will appear in the Not In Notification Center list.

The Alert Style can be changed by simply tapping either None, Banners, or Alerts.  Banners appear at the top of the screen and will disappear automatically in a few seconds.  Alerts appear in the center of the screen generally require a user action to proceed.  Selecting None will stop alerts and banners from appearing on the iPhone’s home screen, but notifications will still appear in the Notifications Center.

Each app may have some additional options to help you further customize the alerts associated with that app.