How to remove Facebook friends from your iPhone Contacts

As part of the iOS 6 software, Apple improved the iPhone’s capability to integrate with Facebook.  This included such features as automatically adding your Facebook friends to your Contacts and events to your Calendar.  While many people may enjoy these features, those with an extensive list of Facebook friends may not want all those names in their Contacts.  Luckily, there is a simple process to remove Facebook friends from your Contacts.

Facebook Integration

When you setup iOS 6, you may have opted to give Facebook access to apps on your iPhone.  Facebook integration provides many helpful ways to quickly post to Facebook, share photos, and even have Siri post for you.  By giving Facebook access to your Contacts and Calendar, it will automatically sync your Facebook friends with your Contacts app.  Additionally, granting access to your Calendar app will sync Facebook events.

Setup Facebook Integration

As a quick review, here is the process to setup Facebook integration.  Open the Settings app, scroll down, and select Facebook.

Facebook Settings


A screen will appear for you to enter your Facebook user name and password.

Facebook Integration Signup


After selecting Sign In, a message will appear informing you that your Facebook friends will be downloaded to the Contacts app.

Facebook Access Notice


Clean up your Contacts

When your iPhone is synced to Facebook, the Facebook settings screen should look similar to what is pictured below.  From here, you can remove the Facebook friends from your Contacts by tapping the slider for Contacts to Off.  You can also prevent Facebook events from appearing in your Calendar by tapping the Calendar slider to Off.

Disable Facebook Contacts


Not allowing Facebook to access your Contacts will also prevent birthday reminders for Facebook friends from appearing on your Calendar.


Allow some time for your Contacts to return to normal

If you immediately go to your Contacts to confirm the Facebook friends information is gone, you may see some unexpected results.  In some cases, names from your original Contact list (before the Facebook friends were added) may briefly disappear.  This may be due to those people also being part of the Facebook friends group that was just removed.  After a few minutes, this should resolve itself and your Contacts will be as they were before all the Facebook friends were added.


Hide Facebook friends in Contacts instead of removing them

If for some reason you don’t want to completely disable Facebook access to your Contacts but still don’t want to see all the friends in your Contacts, you can try the following to simply hide the Facebook friends from appearing in your Contacts.

  • Open the Contacts app
  • Select the Groups button in the top left corner
  • Uncheck the Facebook group
  • Select Done and your Facebook friends should not appear.

This will not remove the names from your Contacts, but only filters what is displayed so they are not shown.